Larry Wilmore Takes Over for Stephen Colbert With ‘The Nightly Show’ (VIDEO)

Larry Wilmore made his debut last night as the successor to Stephen Colbert with the premiere of The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore.

The show is a unique take on the news of the day, as there is more of an inherently racially-charged approach to the comedy, resulting in a show that’s pretty interesting among comedy shows of its ilk (like The Daily Show or Real Time With Bill Maher).

“We talk Selma, Ferguson, and Eric Garner. It’s Comedy Central’s worst nightmare – brother finally gets a show in late night TV. But of course he’s gotta work on Martin Luther King Day,” said Wilmore, in his opening monologue.

“I am so excited to be here. This is so exciting,” he would continue. “There’s so much to talk about – especially if I had the show a year ago. All of the good bad-race stuff happened already. Seriously, there’s nothing left – we’re done.”

Before long, Wilmore took to addressing several concerns of the past week, such as Al Sharpton attempting to organize “possible action around the Academy Awards,” due to the lack of diversity in the 87th Academy Award nominations.

“Sharpton?! Again!?” Wilmore marveled. “I mean, no one else can represent? Al: slow down, man! You don’t have to respond to every black emergency You’re not black Batman…I mean, look at yourself, Al Sharpton. I appreciate your efforts but you’re literally stretching yourself thin. Take a break… Al. You need to eat food – not just air time.”

Wilmore and his panel of guests provided an interesting perspective, and the following are a series of clips worth checking out. Check out clips from the premiere show below:

Larry Wilmore Takes Over for Stephen Colbert With 'The Nightly Show' (VIDEO)

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