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‘American Idol’ star LaKisha Jones sentenced to jail for not paying father’s bills

American Idol star LaKisha Jones has been ordered to go to jail for 45 days for non-payment of her father’s bills. She has until January 16, 2015 to turn herself in.

Jones, who back in Season 6 was considered one of the front-runners to win, was found guilty of contempt of court back in February 2014. She had been accused of not paying her father’s nursing home bills.

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From MLive:

Jones, 34, was granted full guardianship of her elderly father Aug. 7, 2012, after he was released from Hurley Medical Center in June 2012 following a stroke, according to court records.

The guardianship required Jones to pay the monthly bills for her father’s care at a Flint skilled nursing facility after doctors told the court her father was unable to reasonably understand his condition.

However, a court-appointed advocate for her father reported to the court in July 2013 that Jones’ father was involuntarily discharged from the facility after Jones failed to pay nearly $6,500 for her father’s care.

Jones was responsible for paying $987 per month for her father’s nursing home care at the most-recent facility. Her father receives $1,047 monthly in Social Security benefits. Jones said in February she paid $550 per month toward rent at her father’s apartment, medical bills and $20 every two weeks for his haircuts and shaves.

She was unable to provide the judge with any receipts for the expenditures, although she was not initially required to keep an accounting of her expenditures as part of the guardianship.

LaKisha Jones sentenced to jail for not playing father's bills

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