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Laith Al-Saadi Sings ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ on The Voice 2016 (VIDEO)

Laith Al-Saadi sang “The Thrill Is Gone” by B.B. King on The Voice 2016 Live Top 10 Performances on Monday, May 2, 2016 for Team Adam Levine.

Laith’s jamming is INCREDIBLE. He makes that guitar sing like a superstar. I’m still on the fence about his voice, but I think this was one of his most impressive performances, vocally. He showed a dynamic amount of range, particularly in his upper register. There’s a natural grit to his voice that makes him compelling to listen to, if nothing else. I expect he’ll go far with a performance like this, which hits the perfect intersection between blues and rock. Seriously, I could listen to this man play guitar all day. Go get’em, Laith! Watch the performance video below:

Laith Al-Saadi Sings 'The Thrill Is Gone' on The Voice 2016 (VIDEO)

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