Laith Al-Saadi Shines In ‘Morning Light’ Official Music Video

Laith Al-Saadi just released his first official music video for his single, “Morning Light”! Laith wrote the song and debuted it on The Voice 2016 Live Finale on Monday, May 23, 2016 for Team Adam Levine!

Laith has been one of the more divisive contestants of the season, with some loving his unique artistry and unrivaled musicianship, and others wondering how he made it this far. But I feel like even Laith’s biggest detractors should be able to get on-board with “Morning Light”, a beautiful, bluesy song about heartache, and the gradual realization that loving someone isn’t always enough to make a relationship work. It was one of Laith’s finest performances of the live shows, and now, it’s a fitting winner’s single. Watch the music video and the “Making Of” below:

Laith Al-Saadi Shines In 'Morning Light' Official Music Video

Download: Laith Al-Saadi, “Morning Light”

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