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Laith Al-Saadi Rocks Out With ‘One and Only’ on The Voice 2016

Laith Al-Saadi sang “One and Only” by Adele on The Voice 2016 Live Semi-Final Performances on Monday, May 16, 2016 for Team Adam Levine.

I liked this quite a bit. It wasn’t the most natural fit, and I’m not sure I’d want Laith singing any more Adele songs in the future, but he brought a really cool blues vibe to this, making it sound like the sort of track you’d hear in a bar lounge towards closing time. That rasp just changed this song in a fundamental way, and the added guitar solo pushed this over the top, for me. I’m a fan. Watch the performance video below:

Laith Al-Saadi Rocks Out With 'One and Only' on The Voice 2016

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