Lady Gaga Rocks The Hell Out In ‘Perfect Illusion’ Music Video

Lady Gaga is one of the wilder artists in music today, and she goes out of her way to prove it in the music video for her new single, “Perfect Illusion”, from her upcoming fifth album, Joanne. Gaga may be more of a pop artist than a rock artist, but you’d never know it from how she rocks the hell out.

In this video, things start out low-key enough, as she arrives in a deserted landscape. But over time, more and more people begin to show up, as the lighting rigs flash off more bulbs than a crowd of paparazzi (no pun intended, considering who we’re talking about here). By the end of the video, she’s writhing in a crowd of sweaty fans, headlocking her drummer, swinging the microphone around by its cord, and generally just strutting and working it like she was born to rock. Granted, it’s a bit of a disconnect with the song, which is about as gloriously pop as a song can get. But I love that about Lady Gaga. She can embody almost any style of music, and do it as well, if not better, than some of the artists in that genre. That said, if you’re prone to seizures, I’m not sure how great an idea it is to watch this. But if you’re up for Lady Gaga rolling around in the desert, watch the music video below:

Lady Gaga Rocks The Hell Out In 'Perfect Illusion' Music Video

Source: YouTube

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