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Kylie Jenner wore Blackface on Instagram and She’s Not Sorry (PHOTOS)

Kylie Jenner has been accused of wearing blackface in new photos on Instagram. Kylie had dark skin, purple hair and glitter.

Kim Kardashian’s younger sister tried to explain that it was “black and neon” lights. But honestly, if you look like you are wearing blackface in the final product, you are wearing blackface.

Basically she’s telling everyone she’s not trying to look like she has dark skin when that is precisely what she achieved.

Some of the comments on Kylie’s Instagram were pretty harsh:

From realmonroelewinsky:

“Wannabe black so bad. But you’ll never be. Stop trying! It won’t happen!”

From free_spiritx:

I wish this b*tch and the rest of her slut ass no talent having ass family would just go tf away and stfu forever. Bitch u wanna be black so bad with your fake lips/ass. Shouldn’t you be sucking tyga’s pedophile dick off somewhere?

What do you guys think?

Kylie Jenner wore Blackface

Kylie Jenner wore Blackface in New Instagram

Kylie Jenner wore Blackface in New Instagram Photos

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