Kristen Alderson is leaving ‘General Hospital’

A Daytime born and bred actress is leaving her current show! Kristen Alderson, most known for her role as Starr Manning on the now-defunct One Life to Live, and currently as Lauren “KiKi” Jerome on General Hospital, is exiting the former soap.

The 16-year soap vet began portraying Starr at the age of six in 1998 up until the show’s daytime cancellation in 2013. After that she appeared as the character on General Hospital from Feburary to March 2013, and as Kiki from May 2013 until now.

Ah, I like Kristen! Kristen was however, Starr Manning. The edge they gave her as Kiki was pretty good as well, but the recent year the character hasn’t been enjoyable. It was basically either Starr, edgy Starr or nothing at all. What we got as Kiki AKA Starr-lite. Plus. I always liked her blonde!

Kristen Alderson is leaving 'General Hospital'

The whole thing about her being Starr was that she had portrayed the role for so long. Will she end up somewhere else?

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