Kota Ibushi Reportedly Turns Down Full-Time WWE Contract Offer

One of the biggest international stars in the world of professional wrestling has essentially told WWE they can’t have him. At least not permanently. According to Wrestling Inc., WWE Cruiserweight Classic finalist Kota Ibushi told the Japanese media this week that he has turned down a full-time offer from WWE.

Of course, he’s not shutting the door on working with WWE in the future, once the Cruiserweight Classic has wrapped on September 14.

Ibushi stated he’s considering doing “spot” shows with WWE, occasionally dropping in for a quick run before moving on to his next territory. Apparently, his goal is to become the most famous wrestler in the world, and to do so, he’ll have to travel the world. As for his current plans, Ibushi is going to head back to Japan once his WWE stint has wrapped.

Kota Ibushi Reportedly Turns Down Full-Time WWE Contract Offer

Source: YouTube

Naturally, this leaves Ibushi’s future in the tournament in question. Ibushi had been one of the frontrunners to win the entire tournament, right up there with Zack Sabre Jr. and Rich Swann. However, Zack Sabre Jr. similarly refused a full-time offer from WWE, so it looks like we could be looking at a win for Swann or a guy like Gran Metallik, since it’s unlikely WWE is going to give the tournament win to a guy they don’t have under contract. Particularly now that the CWC is being used to launch the cruiserweight division on Monday Night Raw. But hey, you never know. Maybe they want to establish the tournament as something prestigious. And having a worldwide superstar like Ibushi could give the tournament credibility for the future. I guess we’ll see.

What do you think? Is Ibushi making a mistake by not signing with WWE? Or do you think the company wouldn’t use him to his full potential? Sound off in the comments!

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