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Korin Bukowski Sings ‘Only Hope’ on The Voice (VIDEO)

Korin Bukowski sang “Only Hope” by Mandy Moore on The Voice 9 Top 11 for Team Gwen Stefani!

This song is a favorite of mine, no lie. And I thought Korin did a decent job with this, although I don’t think this will be enough to keep her out of the Bottom 2. It just felt sort of like a pageant performance, which I don’t think necessarily has to be a bad thing, especially with an arrangement this orchestral and pretty. But in a competition with this many heavy-hitters, it’s going to be hard for a performance like this to really stand out. And that’s a shame, because I really like Korin and think she has loads of potential. Watch the performance video below:

Korin Bukowski Sings 'Only Hope' on The Voice (VIDEO)

Download: Korin Bukowski, “Only Hope”

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