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Kohlton Pascal sings ‘Sitting Here Beside Me’ on American Idol XIV (VIDEO)

Kohlton Pascal sang ‘Sitting Here Beside Me’ (an original song) on American Idol XIV Season 14 in Kansas City on Wednesday, January 14, 2015.

Kohlton is a traveling musician, who never stays in one place for more than four days. He says he travels to defeat boredom, saying that the only negative of his lifestyle is the loneliness. He talks about passion, and says the word comes from the Latin for suffering for what you love to do. He says he misses his family something fierce, but this is his calling.

Kohlton sings an original called “Sitting Here Beside Me”. It’s a pretty good song, although it’s a bit of a downer. But his voice is so deep and full of character that I’m immediately reminded of the late Joe Cocker. His voice is fantastic and unlike anything I can recall hearing on this show — full of soul, but also kind of dark. I love it.

Watch the video here:

Harry makes a good point when he says that he isn’t sure what Kohlton is auditioning for. He thinks Kohlton has a chance, but isn’t sure he’ll be willing to go far enough to get outside his comfort zone to do what he needs to win. Keith loves what he hears aurally, but not visually, since Kohlton isn’t very expressive. J-Lo has similar concerns, saying she’s a fan of his voice, but isn’t sure about him. Of course, this is a bit of a misdirect, since all three judges are unanimous…

KOHLTON PASCAL is going to Hollywood!

Kohlton Pascal sings 'Sitting Here Beside Me' on American Idol XIV (VIDEO)

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