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Kitten And Owl BFFs Will Make You Smile Today (VIDEO)

Meet Fuku-chan and Marimo – the owl and kitten from Japan taking the Internet by storm. They met at a coffee shop and have been inseparable ever since.

These guys are adorable! It never ceases to amaze me how friendship knows no species.

From YouTube:

The pair live at the Hukulou Coffee shop (pronounced ‘foo-koo-loh’), named after the Japanese word “owl” and have been taken up by multiple popular Japanese online blog sites which picked up pictures the coffee shop put up on twitter.

Fuku-chan (pronounced foo-koo-chan), a five year old owl, which is the size of an average smartphone, has struck up a frienship with Marimo (pronounced “mah-ree-moh”), a two-month old Scottish Fold kitten.

Marimo and Fuku-chan hit it off immediately after the coffee shop owners brought home the kitten as a playmate for the lonely Fuku-chan, the coffee shop’s owners said.

Kitten And Owl BFFs Will Make You Smile Today (VIDEO)

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