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Watch Kim Kardashian Get Verbally Shamed by Animal Rights Activists (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian has a brand new book out called Selfish (a collection of captioned selfies which we doubt she titled herself) and while signing copies in a New York Barnes and Noble she was shamed by animal rights activists for wearing fur.

Dear activists, we doubt Kim K knows how many animals were anally electrocuted to make her fur coats.

In the video (above) taken yesterday (May 5), activists can be heard calling Kim “the most disgusting human being on the planet,” a “murderer” and a “terrible person.”

Although our favorite comment would have to be from the gentleman who requested she dedicate his copy of Selfish to “all the animals that have been tortured and killed for you to wear a fur coat.”

Despite the parade of verbal assault, Kim K remained unfazed. Sans some brief side eye.

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