Kesha Releases First Statement Since Dr. Luke Ruling

Last week, a New York judge denied Kesha’s request to be released from her Sony record contract despite her sexual assault allegations against Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald. Since then, Kesha has received support from everyone from Ariana Grande, to Lady Gaga, to Taylor Swift, who donated $250,000 to help with Kesha’s financial issues.

But how is Kesha holding up? In her first public statement since the court ruling, Kesha took to Instagram to thank her fans for their unwavering support. “I am beyond words in gratitude. thank you is not enough but it is all I have,” she writes. “The support I have received has left my face swollen from tears. I love you all so much.” Kesha would go on to add that “a statement too large for this format is coming.”

Kesha Releases First Statement Since Dr. Luke Ruling

This is an incredibly difficult time for Kesha, but she’s shown tremendous resiliency throughout. Here’s hoping she’ll be able to find a way out of this contract and get back to making music without the specter of this Dr. Luke situation hanging over her head. If anything, it’s probably in Sony’s best interest to cut their losses rather than endure the bad publicity. I suppose we’ll see as this situation unfolds.

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