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Kendra Wilkinson’s ‘Lost in Space’ Themed Music Video is as Bizarre As it Sounds (VIDEO)

Fun fact: Kendra Wilkinson has a music video out. Funner fact: it’s Lost in Space themed.

In the video in question, Wilkinson is inserted into classic episodes of the 1960’s television show Lost in Space … for reasons.

Yeah, we have no idea either.

Said Wilkinson of the song, “The vibe is like, you know, ‘I’m not dead. I still flirt, like, I still got it.’ You know, ‘I’m not gonna cross the line or anything, but I wanna know if I still got it.'”

“I’m creating my own genre. It’s like pop mixed with rap, mixed with a little bit of EDM. So it’s kind of like in that mix.”

You can watch the music video for and listen to the single “Lost in Space” above. Happy Monday?

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