Kellyanne Conway Has COVID-19

Kellyanne Conway has COVID-19. Her daughter Claudia Conway made the announcement on her TikTok on Friday.

What an interesting 24 hours this has been!

It looks like the White House announcement of Amy Coney Barrett as Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick at the Rose Garden last Saturday was a coronavirus superspreader event.

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, 2 GOP Senators, 3 White House reporters, 1 White House press aid, the chairman of the GOP, Hope Hicks,11 staff who helped setup the debates, the Notre Dame president and now Kellyanne have all tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19. They were all there! Most of the attendees there did not wear masks or practice social distancing. Now Donald Trump is in Walter Reed Medical taking an experimental untested drug for treatment.


After her daughter's announcement, Kellyanne herself confirmed the news.