Kelly Clarkson On A ‘President’ Donald Trump: ‘I Am Legitimately Frightened for Our Nation’

Over the weekend, Donald Trump told a group of supporters that he could “shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue” and he “wouldn’t lose any voters.”

Like many decent Americans, Actress Bette Midler reacted to this outrageous declaration on social media. She wrote: “How can we live with a POTUS for four years who says things like “I could walk down Fifth Ave., shoot someone, and still not lose any votes?”

Singer Kelly Clarkson responded to Midler on Twitter with some sentiment of her own: “I am legitimately frightened for our nation.”

Source: Vine

Source: Vine

So will Donald Trump really not lose any support after this? He literally said he would kill someone himself. He didn’t even mention anything about it being self-defense, just a random kill.

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