Kelly Clarkson Helps Fan Get Engaged Onstage – So Sweet! (VIDEO)

It’s a Christmas engagement! Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson performed a good deed for the holiday season over the weekend by helping a fan get engaged during her Miracle on Broadway concert.

Kiana Clark is a longtime fan of Kelly Clarkson, and her music had been an escape for her for more than thirteen years. But it wasn’t until Kiana met her girlfriend, Amanda, that she found her “home”. So she brought Amanda onstage with her to tell her so. But she also planned to do a whole lot more than just tell Amanda how much she’s loved, as Kiana came ready to propose. You can watch the video of the big moment below:

Kelly Clarkson Helps Fan Get Engaged Onstage - So Sweet! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

Needless to say, Amanda said yes, and her reaction was absolutely priceless. Kelly helped deliver such an incredibly special moment for this couple, and it’s genuinely heartwarming to see these two women accepted for their love in front of a crowd of cheering fans. We wish Kiana and Amanda all the best as they continue down their path together.

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