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Kelly Clarkson Brings Keith Urban to Tears On American Idol 2016 (VIDEO)

Kelly Clarkson brought Keith Urban to tears with an emotional performance of “Piece By Piece” on the American Idol 2016 Top 10 show on Thursday, February 25, 2016!

This is absolutely GORGEOUS! I just can’t stress that enough. This is a beautiful song, and it literally (YES, LITERALLY) gave me goosebumps. Kelly clearly struggles to get through the song in certain places, particularly after the “worthless” lyric and on the final chorus. But it just adds to the performance. THIS is what Harry means when he talks about connecting with the lyric. Granted, the contestants don’t always have the luxury of performing their own songs (MacKenzie Bourg excepted), but I feel the point still stands. Jennifer appears to be an absolute emotional mess, and Keith is OPENLY WEEPING. My God, this is amazing. The judges give her a standing ovation as the crowd chants her name, and I’m right there with them. Can we please vote for Kelly to win this show again? I’m an absolute MESS right now. Watch the video below:

Kelly Clarkson Brings Keith Urban to Tears On American Idol 2016 (VIDEO)

After the show, Kelly wrote on Twitter:

What an emotional night. Thanks @AmericanIdol for such a beautiful beginning & a perfect ending.

Perfect indeed!

What did you think of Kelly’s performance of “Piece By Piece”? Sound off in the comments.

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