Katie Couric is willing to take over if Brian Williams quits / fired – Report

In the event that Brian Williams does not survive his current scandal at NBC News — for lying for more than a decade about being in a helicopter under fire in Iraq — Katie Couric is more than willing to take over.

A source for NY Daily News said: “Katie still has deep, deep contacts at NBC. She would love to return as the ‘Nightly News’ anchor. No one smells blood like Katie. She is like a shark. Brian is in deep trouble and this could be her chance. You don’t get to be as successful as Katie without being ruthless. Behind her is a line of bodies she needed to step on to get to the top. She has already made it clear that she is ready to have a meeting and get back into NBC.”

I am absolutely thrilled.

Katie Couric left NBC in 2006 to anchor the CBS Evening News. When that effort failed to gain ratings, she moved on to a talkshow on ABC titled “Katie”. That was canceled in 2013. She has since been Yahoo’s global anchor.

Photo Credit: Getty Images Entertainment

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