Katherine Heigl Announces Her First ‘Unexpected But Thrilling’ Pregnancy (PHOTOS)

Katherine Heigl and her husband of eight years Josh Kelley revealed they are expecting their first biological child in January.

37-year-old Heigl shared the happy-making news on her blog Those Heavenly Days, writing, “It was totally unexpected but thrilling. The whole pregnancy thing is new to me but the thrill of having a baby is not.”

“We were considering adoption again, fostering, or pregnancy if possible. Seeing as I have never been pregnant and as my OB/GYN reminded me last year, I’m of advanced maternal age, I wasn’t sure pregnancy was even in the cards for us. Turns out it was very much in the cards!”

In addition to their new baby (whom Heigl revealed is a boy), the couple are also parents to two adopted children, 7-year-old Naleigh Moon and Adalaide Marie Hope, 4.

The duo met on the set of Kelley’s “Only You” music video in 2005 and exchanged vows in 2007.

Mazel tov to the entire family!

@joshbkelley and I have some news…go to and I'll tell you alllllll about it! ???

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