Kanye West releases ‘Only One’ video featuring North West (FULL VIDEO)

Kanye West has released the video of ‘Only One’ featuring daughter North West.

A teaser of the video was released earlier today on Ellen, but the full video is now available on YouTube. Watch before someone takes it down.

‘Only One’ is Kanye’s collaboration with Paul McCartney.

In the video, Kanye sings along with the auto-tuned track — and it’s obvious why he needs the auto-tune. But like J-Lo says on American Idol all the time, you don’t really need to be in tune… sometimes. (Really?)

I do like that North West made her video debut on the song that was for her. Good for her and Kanye!

Watch the video here:

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Kanye West releases 'Only One' video featuring North West (FULL VIDEO)

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