Kanye West got Beck’d during NYC concert (PHOTOS)

Multiple “BECK” signs were spotted last night around the Flatiron District in New York City where Kanye West played a free Roc City Classic concert.

A company called PNYC whose offices were just around the corner from the stage posted a huge “BECK!” sign on their windows.

Another “BECK” sign was above the 40/40 Club where the show’s after party was held.

Hopefully this is a trend. I hope “BECK” signs follow Kanye West wherever he goes forever. I hope he dreams of “BECK” signs in his sleep, like the nagging voices in his head that tell him to storm the stage during awards shows everytime Beyonce loses an award.

During the Grammy Awards last weekend, Kanye West nearly Kanye’d Beck after Beyonce lost Album of the Year. Beyonce is reportedly not happy.

Beck'd Kanye West NYC

Beck'd Kanye West 40 40

H/T: Gothamist

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