Kanye West Drops ’30 Hours’ For Revived Good Fridays and Updates T.L.O.P. Track List (AUDIO)

Kanye West dropped a surprise track on Friday “30 Hours” on Soundcloud and said that he is reviving Good Fridays. He also added a couple of tracks to his latest album “The Life of Pablo” which will come out later today.

Kanye has been very busy this week!

Friday morning he went on another Twitter rant defending his misogynist lyrics against Taylor Swift.

This is just too much for me. Kanye is cray.

At anyrate, this lyric from “30 Hours”:

“I guess a blow job is better than no job.”

Hahaha. Sigh. My life.

Press play to listen to the track below.

Source: Soundcloud

Source: Soundcloud

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