Justin Timberlake Is Really Sorry About That BET Awards Tweet

Actor Jesse Williams inspired a lot of people after his speech at the BET Awards 2016. Among those inspired was Justin Timberlake, who took to Twitter to express his support for Williams’s emotional speech about race relations in this country. However, when one Twitter user accused Justin of racial appropriation, it led to a social media hot mess.

After the speech, Justin praised the speech on Twitter, and was instantly called out by one user for “appropriating our music and culture”. The user would go on to state that Justin owes Janet Jackson an apology for the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show wardrobe malfunction.

Some Twitter users criticized Justin for missing the point of Williams’s speech, which is that we really haven’t come as far as we think we have, as far as race relations are concerned.

Justin Timberlake Is Really Sorry About That BET Awards Tweet

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Justin got defensive and explained himself, while also sort of chastising himself for getting involved in the first place.

Finally, Justin simply apologized for any offense he might have caused.

Ultimately, this is all likely to blow over in a matter of days, if not sooner. But it seems kind of crazy that this even became a controversy at all. At worst, Justin missed the point of Williams’s speech. I certainly get why some people are upset about this, but it’s not as if he tweeted with malicious intent. That said, this should be a teaching moment for other celebrities on social media. Everything you say will get scrutinized, so be smart about the platform, even if you’re going to tweet out something you feel is supportive. Whether or not that’s a sad state of affairs is up to the individual Twitter user, but it seems like Twitter is something you really have to be careful with, if you’re in the public eye.

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