Justin Bieber Sings ‘Where Are U Now’ as Country Ballad on The Tonight Show (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber made his return to The Tonight Show last night to discuss his big comeback with Jimmy Fallon, including the release of his new album in November, and the new singles that have put him back at the top, “Where Are U Now” and “What Do You Mean”.

However, Justin’s interview segment featured a pretty amusing moment, as Jimmy gets him to do a version of “Where Are U Now” that he overheard Justin performing during rehearsals earlier in the day. The version in question? A country ballad! Seriously, this is far catchier than I was expecting it to be, and while I don’t think Justin necessarily has a future in country music (although it’d be funny to see him try and pull a “reverse Taylor Swift” and go into country after ruling pop music), this was a lot of fun. Watch the video below:

Justin Bieber Sings 'Where Are U Now' as Country Ballad on The Tonight Show (VIDEO)

For more on Justin Bieber, check out his lyric video for his new single, “What Do You Mean?”, here!

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