Justin Bieber sings acoustic ‘I’ll Be’ and ‘Home to Mama’ (VIDEO)

Who says that Justin Bieber is just a pretty face with tight muscles fit for a Calvin Klein underwear ad? Apparently, he also has talent and can sing and play the guitar!

Here’s a video taken by a fan at the State Social House in Los Angeles where Justin Bieber sings “I’ll Be” and “Home for Mama” on stage by himself with a guitar.

I think he still needs some work honestly. The guitar playing is just so-so, but I will give him a B for effort on that. Also, the song choice. I can understand “Home to Mama” which was Bieber’s collaboration with Cody Simpson in 2014. But “I’ll Be” is just so American Idol Season One for me. It’s so overdone, it’s a non-starter at this point no matter who sings it. Maybe the chords on that song are easy to play who knows.

Watch the video here:

Justin Bieber sings acoustic 'I'll Be' and 'Home to Mama' (VIDEO)

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