Justin Bieber Being Sued by Neighbors Over ‘Offensive’ Behavior

Justin Bieber is heading to court. Again.

The singer is being sued by Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz, two former neighbors who claim they were victims of Bieber’s “offensive” behavior. They state that the Biebs and his bodyguards harassed them and their family, doing everything from vandalizing their house with eggs to threatening them with anti-Semitic remarks. Bieber’s bodyguards allegedly responded to Schwartz’s complaints by teasing, “What are you going to do about it, Jew boy?” It borders on ridiculous, teen movie jock supervillainy, really.

While Bieber was sentenced to two years probation in the egging incident, this lawsuit alleges far more than some broken eggs and hurtful slurs.

According to the lawsuit, Bieber was also a menace around the neighborhood, dangerously speeding his Ferrari around the Calabasas, California gated community, and hosting frequent, loud parties. Bieber even spat in Jeffrey Schwartz’s face after he complained about Bieber’s angry driving. This incident, which took place on March 27, 2013, was reportedly the confrontation that kicked off the entire nine-month nightmare for the Schwartz family, as Bieber threatened to “f—ing kill” Schwartz after hocking a loogie in his face. It’s essentially a real-life version of that episode of The Boondocks where Thugnificent moves in next door to the Freemans. You know, except not funny.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges a pattern of “offensive” behavior lasting at least nine-months, from March 2013 to January 2014. The Schwartzes claim that after the egging episode made national headlines, they and their children were subjected to “constant harassment” by Bieber’s entourage, fans and the media, making their lives a living hell. Even though Bieber no longer lives in the Calabasas neighborhood, having sold the house to Khloe Kardashian for $7.2 million, the effects of his actions continue to be felt by the Schwartz family. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and a jury trial, so it’s looking like Bieber will have a lot more public grilling to endure than just a few jokes at a Comedy Central Roast.

Justin Bieber Being Sued by Neighbors Over 'Offensive' Behavior

Credit: Rolling Stone

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