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Joshua Davis sings ‘Fields of Gold’ on The Voice 2015 Top 8 (VIDEO)

Joshua Davis sang “Fields of Gold” by Sting on The Voice 2015 Season 8 Top 8 on Monday, April 27 for Team Adam Levine.

This is Joshua’s best performance, and one of the best vocals of the season, in my opinion. No frills, no bombast, just a simple arrangement, beautifully performed on Joshua’s guitar and a minimalist backing from the band. Joshua’s voice takes center stage here though, coming through with a simplicity and purity that’s been sorely missed after last week’s fiasco. In a season of excessive vocal gymnastics, Joshua’s heartfelt earnestness is incredibly refreshing.

But what did you think of Joshua Davis tonight? Sound off in the comments!

Joshua Davis sings 'Fields of Gold' on The Voice 2015 Top 8 (VIDEO)

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