Joshua Davis releases ‘The Workingman’s Hymn’ official video

Joshua Davis is representing Team Adam in the finale of The Voice Season 8, and right now, he’s the underdog for the title. But he’s also been one of the more consistent performers of the season, in addition to being one of the most artful, as evidenced by his self-penned winner’s single, “The Workingman’s Hymn”.

While this doesn’t reach the emotional heights of “Fields of Gold”, this song is an unmistakably Joshua Davis track. With its humble, folksy rhythms, it feels exactly like the sort of track we could expect from a Joshua Davis album. Maybe it’s not as bombastic as the singles from the other three finalists, but there’s a certain rugged charm in Joshua sticking to his guns and remaining in his genre, even while everyone else is singing “bigger” songs. That folk-like, Paul Simon-esque subtlety is what I’ve always appreciated about Joshua, and it’s also why I don’t worry about his ability to continue in the music industry, whether he wins this show or not.

Joshua Davis releases 'The Workingman's Hymn' official video

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