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Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton Made A Lot of Money Off ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton were one of the three couples to get engaged on Bachelor In Paradise this season. They’ve always been the subject of a lot of criticism on social media over the authenticity of their relationship. However, it looks like Josh and Amanda are having the last laugh, if reports about their income are anything to go by.

According to court documents unearthed by TMZ related to Amanda’s ongoing custody suit with her ex, she and Josh are making a healthy profit off the back of their appearance on Bachelor In Paradise. The documents state that Amanda’s blog and social endorsements skyrocketed thanks to her time on the show, with Amanda now making $13,000 per month, while Josh is earning in the vicinity of $10,000.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton Made A Lot of Money Off 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Source: YouTube

But that’s not even the crazy part, as the documents have revealed that Amanda apparently spends $2,000 of her monthly budget on clothes! Ah well, gotta look fresh to keep those Instagram followers while growing the base. I never really thought being on a reality dating show would be this profitable, but apparently that’s the case? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, as social media endorsements are worth a decent amount of money, depending on your level of visibility. And Amanda and Josh likely have a televised wedding coming in the future. For now, at least, it looks as though the couple has it made. Well, except for the whole custody suit.

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