Jose Canseco Will Dress Like a Woman for a Week to ‘Support’ Caitlyn Jenner (So Much Nope)

In order to “support” Caitlyn Jenner‘s brave decision to transition in the public eye, former baseball player Jose Canseco has announced that he will do┬ásomething not nearly as gutsy and dress like a woman for a mere week.

Mostly because it’s a great way to promote his brand new internet reality show “Spend a Day with Jose.” Ugh.

According to TMZ, he will wear dresses and makeup while bowling and playing softball, golf and poker — all of which will be filmed for the aforementioned reality show.

When asked by the media site if he plans to take this seriously, Canseco replied, “Yes. Of course.”

Nope. Nope. Nope. In the immortal words of Michelle Tanner, “No way Jose!”

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