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Jordan Smith on Winning The Voice: ‘What’s On the Outside Doesn’t Matter’ (VIDEO)

Jordan Smith appeared on Today to discuss winning The Voice Season 9. In an emotional interview, Smith described how his victory proved to him that appearances aren’t everything.

“This whole time I’ve been proving that those things aren’t really what matters,” said the 21-year-old Kentucky native. “When I won the show, it was just kind of a big moment for me, and I proved to myself, like, what’s on the outside doesn’t matter. It’s all about what’s in your heart and what you love to do and doing those things.”

Smith also discusses other topics, including the moment it finally hit him that he could go all the way, and how he continued to build momentum throughout the season. This was a great interview that highlighted just why Jordan won The Voice. You can watch the video below:

Jordan Smith on Winning The Voice 'What's On the Outside Doesn't Matter' (VIDEO)

Congratulations, Jordan!

And if you missed his Voice win, relive his winning moment right here!

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