Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith Drop Mic Cover of 'Somebody To Love' is the Greatest Ever (VIDEO)

Jordan Smith sang "Somebody To Love" by Queen on The Voice 9 Semi-Final for Team Adam Levine on Monday, December 7, 2015!

I never doubted that Jordan would bring down the house with this song. But I was surprised by just how much he gave to the performance aspect, from rocking out with the guitarist to interacting with the chorus and the audience, feeding off of their energy. Jordan doesn't just have a great pop/soul voice. He's got AMAZING rock vocals. In particular, the closing notes of the song are GLORIOUS. And the amount of fun he's clearly having, and the joy he expresses through the song, is genuinely stirring. This might have been the performance of the season, as all four coaches are on their feet, Jordan is on his knees, and the entire crowd is going absolutely molten hot for this guy. Incredible. Just freaking incredible. Watch the performance video below.

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Jordan Smith Delivers An All-Time Great Performance (And Adam Drops the Mic!) on The Voice 9 (VIDEO)

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