Johny Hendricks Misses Weight (Again) For UFC 207

Well, to the surprise of no one except the fighter himself, it appears Johny Hendricks has missed weight yet again. The fighter, who intended to cut down to 170 for his fight against Neil Magny, will be entering UFC 207 at 173.5 lbs.

This is the fourth time Hendricks has missed weight, and the third time consecutively after the Tyron Woodley and Kelvin Gastelum misses. Magny has agreed to take the fight despite Hendricks missing weight, although he will receive twenty percent of Hendricks’s fight purse as compensation.

Johny Hendricks Misses Weight (Again) For UFC 207

Source: YouTube

Although Ray Borg also missed weight for UFC 207 for his fight against Louis Smolka, much of the attention has been on Hendricks, who seems categorically incapable of actually making weight for his fights, as of late. I feel this leaves Dana White and the UFC with only two real options for Hendricks: either force him to move up in weight class, or just cut him altogether. Because, realistically, he can’t simply continue to miss weight without suffering any long term repercussions beyond getting his fight purse docked. Then again, he’s been losing so often, you could almost claim that as its own punishment. He’s just never been the same since losing his welterweight belt in the Robbie Lawler rematch in late 2014. It really makes you wonder if his heart is even in this anymore. I guess we’ll find out at UFC 207 on Friday.

But what do you think of Johny Hendricks missing weight yet again? What should UFC do about him? Sound off in the comments!

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