John Stamos Facing Six Months In Jail Over DUI Charge

Have mercy!

John Stamos could be headed to the slammer over a DUI arrest in June. The star of FOX’s Grandfathered and Netflix’s Full House sequel, Fuller House, was formally charged by the L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey. If convicted, he could receive a maximum sentence of up to six months in jail, which should put a serious strain on his working schedule, in addition to pretty much killing Grandfathered, if it isn’t dead already (since FOX likely wouldn’t give a full season pickup to a series whose lead star can’t film the episodes).

Then again, it’s very unlikely Stamos face jail time in the calendar year since the arraignment, scheduled for tomorrow in L.A. Superior Court, will either result in the resolution of the case or the scheduling of a pre-trial hearing, which likely wouldn’t be for several months. The formal complaint, as detailed in official court documents, reads: “On or about June 12, 2015, in the County of Los Angeles, the crime of DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF A DRUG, in violation of VEHICLE CODE SECTION 23152(e), a Misdemeanor, was committed by JOHN PHILLIP STAMOS, who did drive a vehicle while under the influence of a drug.”

John Stamos Facing Six Months In Jail Over DUI Charge

Credit: FOX

Although the drug in question has never been confirmed, Stamos recently completed a stint in rehab, having checked into a facility back in July due to substance abuse issues.

Neither FOX nor Netflix issued statements on the Stamos situation, so the ramifications are uncertain, at this moment. Well, except for the whole “facing six months in jail” consequence.

Regardless, we’re holding out the hope that Mr. Stamos is able to work out his issues and find a path to wellness again. And if getting well again means having to go through the rock bottom of jail time, then so be it. But his well-being is the prime concern here.

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