John Cena Stops Match to Acknowledge Marriage Proposal In the Crowd on WWE Raw (VIDEO)

Prior to his match with Dolph Ziggler as part of the U.S. Open Challenge on last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw, John Cena cut a promo about how the All-State Arena has been home to some historical moments for both himself and for WWE. These words, of course, ended up being prophetic, as the match resulted in the first live fan marriage proposal in Raw history.

Cena interrupted the match with Ziggler to acknowledge the marriage proposal and congratulate the happy couple, upon spotting a sign in the crowd that read, “She Said Yes!” Cena was quick to ask for a microphone, at which point he declared, “I told you we make history at All-State. She said yes! We got a married couple here tonight! Congratulations, good sir!” It was an awesome moment that culminated in the crowd chanting “Yes!” while the couple kissed in the crowd. As the match rolled on, the crowd began to chant “She Said Yes!” in an awesome show of support. This was the type of moment that makes Raw still worth watching (although maybe not the whole thing. I mean, damn, three hours is a long-ass time for an episode of Raw). Watch the video below:

John Cena Stops Match to Acknowledge Marriage Proposal In the Crowd on WWE Raw (VIDEO)

Of course, this is somewhat coincidental, considering this wasn’t even the first major marriage proposal we learned about on Raw this week. Seriously, read up on the real-life engagement of WWE stars Rusev and Lana, which is now being written into storylines! Wedding bells are ringing all over the place, man.

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