John Cena Reportedly Taking Time Off From WWE To Film Fitness Reality Show for FOX

John Cena is one of the most divisive figures in WWE, but he’s also generally regarded as the hardest-working, since he never seems to take time off. So it was a pretty big surprise when reports came out that, over the summer, Cena requested time off in the fall for an undisclosed personal reason. However, Cena would later insist that the reason for his absence isn’t due to anything bad. And now, reports from TV industry insiders are starting to bear that out.

Cena will be taking time off following his appearance on the Hell In a Cell event on October 25. On October 26, filming begins on a fitness-themed reality show for FOX that is basically their equivalent of The Biggest Loser. The show will reportedly take six to eight weeks to film, which is exactly the amount of time Cena has requested off, since he isn’t booked for any more house shows of TV tapings until December 26. So it’s looking like Cena has been hired to host this fitness reality show for FOX, a possibility floated by an insider close to the situation.

John Cena Reportedly Taking Time Off From WWE To Film Fitness Reality Show for FOX

Credit: WWE

What’s weird about this, however, is WWE’s silence on the whole situation, since they normally don’t keep it so tight-lipped when a major star finds a big project outside of the company. But whatever the nature of Cena’s hiatus, it must be huge if WWE is signing off on this, since Cena is going to be missing some vital events in the weeks to come, including the Survivor Series and TLC pay-per-views, as well as the Slammy Awards. He’ll also miss out on the lucrative European live tour, although he should be back in time to take part in the company’s run of holiday house shows.

Ultimately, while nothing is confirmed just yet, this sounds like the most plausible reason for Cena’s departure, since insiders have verified that his hiatus is not so he can marry longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella, nor is the hiatus injury-related. That only leaves a movie or a TV show of some sort. And, considering how well-received Cena’s breakout role in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck was, it’s no big surprise to learn that Hollywood has come knocking.

We wish Cena all the best, no matter the reason for his absence. And hey, maybe now we can get some new guys elevated to the top of the card! It’s win-win!

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