John Cena Out 6-9 Months With Shoulder Injury, Will Miss Wrestlemania 32

Things just keep getting worse for WWE. John Cena, who literally JUST got back from an extended hiatus to film a FOX reality series, will be out for 6-9 months due to a shoulder injury.

In a Twitter post, Cena confirmed he will undergo shoulder surgery with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, AL. The timeframe of 6-9 months means Cena will miss Wrestlemania 32, barring some sort of miraculous recovery (and hey, he’s done it before, although I doubt he’ll be the surprise Rumble winner like he was in 2008). This will be the first Wrestlemania John Cena has missed since Wrestlemania 19, although he did have a rap battle against a cardboard cutout of Jay Z on the pre-show, so I guess he was even booked there too.

The belief at the moment is that Cena’s injury is a rotator cuff injury, although Cena didn’t confirm the nature of his shoulder issues. Either way, this is seriously bad news for WWE, as this is just one injury in a long line of them for the company’s roster. In addition to Cena, main event stars Seth Rollins and Randy Orton are on the shelf, as is workhorse performer Cesaro. Cena was expected to continue his feud with Alberto Del Rio over the United States championship, while rumored plans for Wrestlemania had Cena going one-on-one with The Undertaker. But now those plans are essentially out the window. While an NXT call-up won’t necessarily fill the star power gap that Cena leaves behind, I think it’d help the overall strength of the main roster to get a couple NXT guys up there, whether it’s Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, or even a guy like Baron Corbin. Send up someone who hasn’t been contaminated by 50/50 booking. Hell, strap a rocket to someone like Dean Ambrose or Kevin Owens, and see how they do. But the more WWE tries to pin all their hopes on just a handful of guys, the more problems they’ll create for themselves when one of their preordained chosen guys goes down with an injury. You gotta spread the wealth rather than put all your eggs in one basket, to mix a metaphor.

John Cena Out 6-9 Months With Shoulder Injury, Will Miss Wrestlemania 32

Credit: WWE

So what should WWE do now that Cena is out? Who should they call up from NXT, if anybody? Sound off in the comments!

But for now, I’m guessing it’s time to pull the trigger on the NJPW guys they’re signing.

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