John Cena Might Not Be Appearing In WWE Too Much In 2017

It looks like John Cena is winding down his in-ring career in WWE.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, there is concern in WWE right now about Cena’s future with the company, since he’s receiving a ton of outside offers. He’s currently on hiatus filming the second season of FOX’s American Grit, and he’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live this coming Saturday. Currently, Meltzer speculates Cena could wrestle six months or less in 2017, judging by his response over the weekend to a fan who asked if he thought Cena would wrestle more or less than six months this coming year:

Naturally, after going full throttle for over a decade, Cena was destined to slow down a bit, especially considering he’s getting older. While he is by no means an old man, he’s worked harder than just about anyone WWE has ever put in a main event position (hell, just check out The John Cena Experience on the WWE Network to see how packed that guy’s daily schedule was while on top). On the one hand, I imagine a lot of people will call him hypocritical for leaving WWE after he blasted The Rock for doing the same thing. But that was almost a decade ago, and he and Rock have since buried the hatchet. And I think having Cena around as a part-time special attraction will help him mean more for business, to say nothing of how making him more special makes beating him more meaningful. They could make a star by having them beat Cena, sort of how AJ Styles was elevated to main event status with his win at Summerslam.

John Cena Might Not Be Appearing In WWE So Much In 2017

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But beyond the booking implications, such as freeing up more spots for up-and-comers, I’d argue Cena simply deserves to have this second career, considering how much he’s given to WWE. If anything, I think he could bring more attention to the company. After all, he’s getting attention from Hollywood precisely because he’s got such great range as a comedic actor. I’m stoked to see what he’ll do beyond WWE, and I’m especially amped to see him on SNL this weekend, since he’s only the third wrestler to ever host the show, after Hulk Hogan and The Rock. Say what you will about the guy, but it’s impressive to see how far he’s come. And as far as WWE panicking about this, well…I mean, they had eleven years to find a replacement, and they’ve done nothing but fight the fans for not backing their own hand-picked guy. If the WWE brass wants to find another Cena, they need to listen to their fans more. Even though the tide of opinion did turn against him once he got to the top, Cena had close to 100% of the audience behind him on his rise to the main event. They didn’t have to force people to buy into him at a main event level like they have with guys like Roman Reigns. It needs to be organic, which I can’t say it really has been. That said, I’m not sure who the next big star will be, or even could be. Either way, 2017 should be an interesting year for the company.

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