John Cena Might Be Returning to WWE Sooner Than Expected

John Cena is currently on hiatus from WWE, with the rumor being that he’s off filming a fitness reality show for FOX. The filming is expected to keep him away until the Madison Square Garden show on December 26th, on which he’s booked against Sheamus. However, Cena might actually return a bit sooner than that.

According to Figure Four Weekly, WWE is actually planning on having Cena make his big return on the December 13th TLC event. The reason for the early return is that the pay-per-view will take place from Cena’s hometown of Boston, which pretty much guarantees a huge reaction for the former U.S. champ, who lost his title this past Sunday at WWE Hell In a Cell to the returning Alberto Del Rio. There would be a certain poetry in Cena answering an open challenge to win his title back from Del Rio, after Del Rio did the same thing to him. That said, knowing WWE, they’re going to want to maximize viewership by letting everyone know Cena is going to be there, so I wouldn’t expect Cena’s return to be a surprise like Del Rio’s was.

John Cena Might Be Returning to WWE Sooner Than Expected

Credit: WWE

Honestly, I’m kind of okay with Cena regaining the U.S. title if that’s the plan. The title has never been more important than when it was around Cena’s waist, and the John Cena U.S. Open Challenge has been a weekly highlight on Raw since this spring. As an added bonus, putting the gold back around Cena’s waist puts him in a position to drop the title to an up-and-coming talent, rather than a returning star like Del Rio. I know I’d love to see Cena drop the belt to someone like Samoa Joe, Finn Balor or even Tyler Breeze. Beating John Cena would benefit anyone, but beating him for the U.S. title could really launch an up-and-comer into the stratosphere.

What do you think about John Cena possibly coming back early? Should they hold off on his return? Sound off in the comments!

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