John Cena Defends US Title Against Xavier Woods on WWE Raw (VIDEO)

John Cena is once again the United States Champion following the WWE Night of Champions event two weeks ago. And that means the return of the John Cena US Open Challenge! In short, John Cena throws out an open call to any wrestler in the back, and whichever superstar answers the challenge gets a title shot, right there on the spot.

Last night on WWE Monday Night Raw, the superstars to answer that challenge were WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E Langston). Of course, only one of them could compete directly, so after some deliberation, Xavier Woods was chosen. And what followed was a pretty great little match, with a surprising finish…

John Cena Defends US Title Against Xavier Woods on WWE Raw (VIDEO)

Credit: WWE

Naturally, with the match ending in a cluster, a tag team match was inevitably booked on-the-spot: The New Day vs. John Cena and the Dudleys. It was yet another fun match, with an even more surprising ending than the first match. Watch the video below:

Looks like this means, due to Vince McMahon’s wacky reverse booking rules, that the Dudleys will be winning the tag team titles this Saturday night on the WWE Network special. Otherwise, that ending makes absolutely no sense, given what we know about how Vince McMahon books his finishes (Losing in a non-title match on the final show before a title match often means you win the title match). Still, I’d keep the belts on The New Day, honestly. Those guys are just too damn entertaining.

Anyway, what did you think? Sound off in the comments!

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