John Cena Breaks Nose on WWE Monday Night Raw (VIDEO)

Last night on WWE Monday Night Raw from Oklahoma City, John Cena successfully defended his U.S. title against WWE Champion Seth Rollins, offering a champion vs. champion main event that kept up Cena’s hot streak of outstanding, PPV-quality matches on free TV (of course, a broomstick could probably have a great match with Seth Rollins, but trust us, Cena is no slouch).

However, things took a turn when, mid-match, Rollins kneed Cena in the face and busted his nose open. In all honesty, the shot itself isn’t as gruesome as you might expect, especially considering the nature of this nasty injury. But it’s still not pretty, nor is the aftermath — although there is something powerful about a bloodied Cena standing tall in the center of the ring after a match of that quality. Fighting through the pain and finishing the match is something that basically sums up Cena’s workhorse attitude (watching him assure the medics “I’m okay,” and then mouth “thank you so much” to the supportive crowd were particularly cool little moments). Watch the video below:

John Cena Breaks Nose on WWE Monday Night Raw (VIDEO)

Naturally, this presents the question of whether or not Cena’s weekly U.S. Open Challenge will continue next week, since you would think he should take at least a week off. But time off rarely seems to be in Cena’s vocabulary, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he were back next week as if nothing had happened. If nothing else, he could tape a promo or two to help continue the build for his WWE championship match with Seth Rollins at Summerslam 2015 on August 23.

That said, watching John Cena get his nose broken on live TV is still less of a black eye on the industry than the ongoing Hulk Hogan unpleasantness with his latest racist comments. So I wouldn’t even count this as the most gruesome thing to happen in professional wrestling this week.

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