John Cena Attacks Jon Stewart on WWE Monday Night Raw (VIDEO)

On Sunday night, Jon Stewart was on-hand to host WWE Summerslam 2015, his first major gig since leaving The Daily Show. However, things went a little differently than expected, as Jon ended up interfering in the champion vs. champion match, walloping John Cena with a steel chair and allowing Seth Rollins to not only retain the WWE Championship but also win Cena’s U.S. title. Judging from the reaction, this broke the heart of kids in the audience who’d basically been banking on Cena to finish the loudmouth Rollins once and for all.

So why did he do it? Well, Jon Stewart appeared on WWE Monday Night Raw tonight to explain his actions. In short, as a lifelong WWE fan and wrestling purist, Jon didn’t want to see Cena beat Rollins because it would have tied him with Ric Flair for most world title wins in WWE history. Since Flair is one of Stewart’s favorite wrestlers, Jon did what he could to prevent Cena from winning world title No. 16. For his part, Cena understood. Hell, even Flair himself seemed to get it, although he disagreed with Stewart’s actions. But to say John Cena wasn’t happy about it would be an understatement, as the 15-time champ attacked Stewart and left him laying in the ring. It’s a pretty fun segment, all things considered. Watch the video below:

John Cena Attacks Jon Stewart on WWE Monday Night Raw (VIDEO)

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