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Joey Cook sings ‘Somebody Like You’ on American Idol 2015 (VIDEO)

Joey Cook sang “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban on American Idol XIV Season 14 on Thursday, February 26, 2015.

This performance was taped at the Fillmore in Detroit.

About Joey Cook

Why do you think you should be the next American Idol?

Cause I’m drastically unlike anyone you’ve had win the show in previous seasons. I’m not a country singer, and I don’t have an Alicia Keys powerhouse kind of voice. I have my unique vocal tone and a strong personality & I believe that is enough. I think it would inspire younger girls to make music even if they can’t do insane vocal runs like Beyonce, just as I was inspired when I first heard Brooke White sing “Like a Star” in her Season 7 audition. I am a multi instrumental, talented vocalist, and I believe that I’m the breath of fresh air this competition needs.

Joey Cook sings 'Somebody Like You'

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