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Jodi Arias Sentenced to Life In Prison Without Parole

Jodi Arias has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Judge Sherry Stephens delivered the ruling earlier today in Arizona’s Maricopa County Court, after two previous juries had failed to reach a conclusion on whether or not Arias should receive the death penalty for the murder of Alexander, for which she was convicted in May 2013. The two choices facing Stephens were life with the possibility of parole after 25 years, or life without the possibility of parole. Stephens chose the latter, so Arias will now spend the rest of her natural life behind bars.

The case made national headlines in 2013, as Arias was accused of murdering Alexander in cold blood in his Mesa, Arizona home. Alexander was found with multiple stab wounds, a gunshot to the head, and his throat slit, which all flew in the face of Arias’s argument that she killed Alexander in self-defense. In a lucky break for Arias, however, the sentencing phase saw one juror hold out on sentencing Arias to death for her crime, and so the decision went to Judge Stephens, and the death penalty was automatically taken off of the table. USA Today put together a nifty video timeline for people looking to dig deeper into the case, and you can check it out below. But, all in all, it’s a pretty cut-and-dry case of a convicted killer getting the sentence that justice demands.

That said, Arias didn’t go quietly, although the testimony she served up in her own defense at today’s sentencing fell on deaf ears in the wake of the tearful, passionate testimony of Alexander’s relatives. His sister, in particular, offered an emotional plea for the judge to deliver the harshest possible sentence, noting that she’s not only had her brother taken from her, her memories of him have been tainted as well.

“It hurts too much to remember him alive because if I remember him, I remember too much about how he was brutally taken from us and I can’t handle it,” said Alexander’s sister, Hillary Wilcox. “This is what I’ve had to do so I can cope.”

Stephens deliberated and decided on life without parole, and while Arias could probably appeal the sentence, I don’t think she has much hope of getting the decision overturned. This entire situation is a devastating one, but considering the horrific nature of Arias’s actions, this is the right result. She earned this sentence herself, and arguably deserved far worse than she got. So she should probably be thankful, particularly to that lone juror, that she isn’t staring down the business end of a lethal injection.

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Jodi Arias Sentenced to Life In Prison Without Parole

Credit: Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic/AP Photo

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