Jimmy Kimmel tries PEEPS-flavored milk: ‘It tastes like the circus’ (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo tried some PEEPS-flavored milk and Jimmy said it “tasted like the circus.” LOL! He added: “It takes like what I imagine to be breast-fed by a mother clown.”

Now I kinda really want to try this. The season milk is not available everywhere so you may need to special order if you really want to drink your PEEPS instead of chew it.

But seriously, WTF is this???

The press release reads: “This tasty collaboration will bring Spring to life in the dairy department with twice the Easter fun.”

Thank you Midwest. You guys did it again.

Watch the video here:

Jimmy Kimmel tries PEEPS-flavored milk- 'It tastes like the circus' (VIDEO)

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