Jimmy Kimmel Reads Death Threats from Gamers (VIDEO)

So it turns out Jimmy Kimmel has angered the gaming community over his critical comments about Let’s Play videos on YouTube, in which gamers watch other gamers play video games, which Jimmy called “a double waste of time.”

On Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy read all the death threats that poured in from angry gamers across the internet, from people threatening his family and daring him to start his car in the morning, to threats against his cat…despite the fact that he doesn’t even own a cat (he’s allergic!). However, Jimmy is willing to put an end to the beef by offering gamers the chance to prove to him why watching Let’s Play videos is fun. Watch the video below:

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Death Threats from Gamers (VIDEO)

Some of these death threats are actually pretty cryptic and distressing, particularly the one that dares Jimmy to start his car in the morning. Still, Jimmy doesn’t appear to be too worried about them. Doesn’t mean some lunatic won’t try and do something stupid, but I’d imagine law enforcement would get involved if there were any real concerns. If nothing else, the upcoming segments in which Jimmy tries to squash the beef should be entertaining.

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