Jimmy Kimmel Gets Choked Up Discussing Cecil the Lion (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel got emotional on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, as he discussed the death of Cecil the Lion, who was allegedly killed by dentist Walter Palmer earlier this month.

In a rant that straddled the line between sadness and rage, Kimmel expressed his complete and utter disgust with Palmer, who is accused of luring the lion out of a national park in Zimbabwe and shooting him. After tracking Cecil for 40 hours when the animal escaped, Palmer killed Cecil and then beheaded and skinned the 13-year-old lion. In short, we don’t blame Kimmel for getting emotional. Palmer is an absolute monster, and this Cecil situation goes beyond tragedy and into the realm of savagery. Watch Kimmel’s emotional rant below:

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Choked Up Discussing Cecil the Lion (VIDEO)

It’s clear how much this affected Kimmel, and it’s similarly apparent just how much this is affecting people around the world, as the outpouring of grief and rage continues. Here’s hoping Palmer faces justice, in some form or fashion.

For more on the Cecil the Lion tragedy, read the report on Walter Palmer’s disgusting actions, and the public’s cries for justice.

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