Jimmy Fallon Visited Bayside With ‘Saved By the Bell’ Cast and it was GLORIOUS (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon is going to Bayside!

On The Tonight Show earlier tonight, Fallon really reached out to the 90s kid in all of us, as he reunited the cast of Saved by the Bell for a surreal sketch that recreated some of the show’s most iconic moments. Slater in a leotard doing ballet? Check. Jessie Spano getting “so excited/so scared”? Check. Zack Morris calling freezing time, talking on his brick-sized cell phone, and generally fawning Kelly Kapowski? Check and mate. It’s an absolute riot, as Jimmy plays a student who can’t get a date to the dance, not that he needs one anyway, since he’s moving to New York to become a comedian! Maybe he’ll even get to be on Saturday Night Live! Or have his own talk show! Or date Nicole Kidman!

In addition to the return of Mark-Paul Gosselaar, the sketch features appearances by Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley, Tiffani Thiessen, and Dennis Haskins. It’s a skit that’s well worth checking out, as they recreate Saved by the Bell down to the smallest detail (even the set is a dead-on recreation of Bayside!).

Sadly so Screech (he’s in jail).

Watch the full sketch below:

Jimmy Fallon Visits Bayside With 'Saved By the Bell' Cast on The Tonight Show (VIDEO)

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